Residing in Barre

I found out some good news yesterday! I've been selected to do an 11-month studio residency program at Studio Place Arts (SPA) in downtown Barre, Vermont. The residency will take place Dec. 1, 2017 to October 31, 2018; I’ll be based in a small private studio on the second floor of SPA, working on collage paintings and soft sculpture installations for my upcoming show "The Feast of Fools" opening on March 27 in the third floor gallery at SPA.

This is exciting news for several reasons: 

  • I am a new resident of Barre, having bought a house up on a (very steep) hill this spring. We overlook downtown. So now, I'll actually BE downtown in my new city.
  • I will be part of—and surrounded by—a great community of artists with studios at SPA, including two of my favorite fellow artists Janet Van Fleet and Matt Monk. I can't wait to bug them incessantly—er, I mean—have studio visits with them.
  • More space! Enough of this cramming paints, boards, fabric, sewing machine, tables, scanner...all...into a small space (my wee home-based studio.) 

Starting in December, you can find me on the second floor at SPA. There's a window that looks into my studio so you can spy on me. Or you can knock and come in - I plan on having a chair for you to sit in.