About me

Born and raised in rural southern Vermont, I studied art, writing, and documentary studies at Bates College. Several years after college, I traveled to the Western Cape of South Africa to study botanical illustration, supposedly for one year. Over six years later, I left Cape Town with an MPhil in Illustration (Visual Arts) focusing on narrative illustration. After working for a few years in Manhattan and Brooklyn as a graphic artist in the commercial food world, I moved back to Vermont and settled in the city of Barre. When I’m not in my studio I’m in the garden, kitchen or working on projects necessitated by the demands of a house built in 1904.

Artist statement

I fabricate dreamlike visual stories and scenes by arranging, refashioning, and building upon found images. I am profoundly interested in the details that string together an otherwise unlikely visual narrative. Using tones, marks, typography, paint, and fabric, I create visual languages that allow for multiple interpretations of the details or of the entire scene. I want to trigger a viewer's memory, for I believe that vision is shaped by thousands of remembered moments.

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